Professional Bio

Heather McClish


Photo by Dane Vandewiele Photography

Photo by Dane Vandewiele Photography

Excited to serve God through performing arts, interaction and service!

Skills Profile

–     Dancer trained in multiple styles-     Actress specializing in musical theater

–     Minimally training singer with basic knowledge of harmony and theory

–     Basic guitar and worship piano

–    Familiarity with all aspects of theater including sets, props, makeup, lighting, costuming, photography, videography, sound, visual and graphic arts, puppetry, flagging and circus performance

–    Event production and administration


–    Oregon Food Handlers Card

–    OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) Servers Permit

–    Red Cross Association Infant, Child and Adult CPR, First Aid, AED and Airway Obstruction

–    RFKC (Royal Family Kids Camp) Child Abuse Awareness Training in Washington County

Performing and Training History 

Competitive Scottish Highland Dancing 2002 — 2013
–      2-3 hour classes 1-3 times a week

–     A style of dance requiring strength, stamina, flexibility and technique

–     Practice dances for competitions, strength and stamina training, dance theory

–     Participate individually at competitions including regional and open championships

Ballroom/Social Dancing 2011 — Present
–      1 term intermediate swing dance class at community college

–     Frequent workshops and social dancing

–     Knowledge of West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Lindy Hop, Waltz, Nightclub, Cha Cha, Contra dancing, English and American country dancing, Israeli Folk dancing, Polka, Messianic

Krayon Kids Musical Theater Company 2005 — 2011, 2013
Company Performer:

–     Perform in original musicals written by the company director for the cast of about 60 each fall

–     2 months of rehearsals and 14-18 performances

–     Individual and group dance numbers in various styles

–     Group vocal numbers

–     Lead and supporting comedic acting roles

–     Background  character acting

Alumni Guest Artist:

–    Run sound for rehearsals

–    Take and relay notes

–    Assist in costuming rooms

–    Assist in sweat shop

–    Assist in green room

–    Apply makeup for other performers

–    Train/coach dances and vocal numbers

–    Lead performance numbers

–    Assist in publicity and promotions

–    Act as a mentor and role model for younger and less experienced performers

Krayon Kids Elite Travel Troupe 2010 — 2011
–     Perform in a hour long vaudeville style trunk show with a select cast of 20

–     Dance and sing in 11 different musical numbers within the hour long show

–     Perform over 25 times locally and at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland

–     Perform each show in a different location, adjusting the show to large, small or no stage

Trueheart Productions: “Rejected No More” 2009
–     Supporting role and singer/lead dancer chorus member in a original musical based on the story of Ruth

–     Performing with a live orchestra

–     Experiencing faith based theater and method acting alongside with professional performers

Tap/Jazz Dance Training 2006 —2010
–     Weekly classes of 1-2 hours taught by acclaimed dancer and choreographer, co-director of Krayon Kids

–      Classes consisting of warm-ups, strength and technique building combinations  and choreography

–     Jazz movements: Chainé, Pirouette and Piqué turns, Illusions, leaps, hitch and fan kicks, tour jetés, basic partner lifts

–     Tap movements: time steps, wings, pickups, toe stands, cramp rolls, heel clicks, riff walks, various turns

Work Experience 

Tebo’s Restaurant                                                              2011-2013

–     Preparing deserts and drinks

–     Assisting line and prep cooks

–     Running the cash register

–     Waiting Tables

–     Setup and cleanup

Abernethy Center                                                               2011-2013

–     Assisting at weddings and corporate events

–     Setup and Cleanup

–     Serving food and beverages to guests

–    Business/client relations


Baskin Robbins                                                                   2010-2011

–     Preparing frozen desserts

–     Running the cash registrar

–     Cleaning

–    Making ice cream cakes


New Covenant Christian Academy                                             2008-2013

Clackamas Community College                                                2011-Present

–    General Education: Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer
–    Specializations: ASL, Writing, Psychology


Volunteer and Personal Development


Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries

Royal Family Kids Camp

A Jesus Church

Rolling Hills Community Church

Restore Haiti

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Mission ConnectXion

Gleanings for the Hungry

Portland Highland Dance Association

Portland Highland Games Association

Lab Rat Productions

Good Samaritan Ministries

Stumptown Dance

Trust Communications

On Your Toes Studios

The Joy of Praise


Creation Festival NW

Awana Clubs International

Lifeway Bible Club

Clackamas Students for Life


New Life Church: ReGENeration

Sellwood First Baptist Church

Bridgetown Ministries

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