A Bit Of My Story

I was raised by parents who love the Lord and I attended church at a young age. I have a faint memory of being in Sunday school as a four year old and during worship. I prayed silently by myself asking Jesus to “come into my heart.” I know that I told a leader after the service who told my parents and gave me a little children’s “new christian” packet. Throughout my elementary school years, I think I believed and loved Jesus as much as one at that age can understand. I was baptized at Rolling Hills Community Church at age seven by my dad. It was my choice and idea, but I think the decision to be baptized mostly stemmed from the thought that it was the right and typical thing to do.

Skip forward to my 7th grade year. I had transitioned from smart, confident 6th grader with lots of friends to a confused, insecure 7th grader with few friends. In the fall I became newly acquainted with sorrow when a peer died and our live-in grandmother almost died. Shortly before my 13th birthday, our family (all except my dad) and close family friends attended a family therapy camp through
Good Samaritan Ministries. While I was there I was re-baptized with water from the Jordan River. I understood so much more the what it means to follow Jesus with all of my being. It was a turning point for me. Little did I know that the trials were just beginning.

In the past few years, there have been many people and events that have radically shaped my walk with Christ. I have been to Gleanings For The Hungry, the YWAM base in Dinuba, CA three times, each time have new healing and insight into what it is to walk with Christ. I have participated in therapy-like horse riding sessions including with founder and author Kim Meeder at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, OR, has been pivotal in my christian walk. I have learned a lot from the sermons at Solid Rock Church, studying the bible both theologically and practically. I have been blessed to have many friends with different strengths of Christianity pour into my life.

Naturally I have gone through many stages in my christian walk. This past winter and spring I had a really hard time feeling close to the Lord. It felt as if there was a wall of ice separating God from me. It felt as if I would never feel God’s love again. During this time my mom would read to me from Hind’s Feet on High Places  and I would read Beside Still Waters  to myself and It reminded me that I was not alone and that God was watching over me and had my best in mind. At this time there still seems to be a wall, but it is melting. Worshiping comes more naturally, and I’m feeling deeper again. I hope and pray that my wall continues to melt. I want to know God deeper, so that every aspect of life reflects Christ.

Worshiping in the peach fields at Gleanings For The Hungry

Worshiping in the peach fields at Gleanings For The Hungry

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