Rewind: The Plan You Have For Me

This is the first post that will fall under the category “Rewind.” These posts will feature past writings of mine.  Some pieces will come from my private blog entitled “Choosing Joy,” which I have written on sporadically for the past few years. Some pieces I have not shared with anyone yet.  Through “Rewind” posts, I will get to share things that I have wanted to share in the past, or what I have never dared to share more publicly until now.  You will get to learn more about me and the different walks I have been taken on in my life.

The first piece I will share is a poem called “The Plan You Have For Me. ” I posted it on “Choosing Joy” on January 27th, 2013, which was the beginning of a very rough place for me.  I had a lot of questions, and not a lot of answers.  Typical to the Pacific North West, at this time shadows were many, and sunlight was rare and still cold.

Give me ears to hear

Give me eyes to see

Give me a heart to understand

The plan you have for me


Open up my mind

Set my bound soul free

Give me patience to wait for it

The plan you have for me


Release me from my fear

Break my anxiety

Focus me upon your dream

The plan you have for me


You are all I need

Your love, it sets me free

Thank you for your perfect plan

The plan you have for me

Does this poem spark any emotions or memories for you? Have there been life questions that you have asked that you have found the answer to in a far later time?  Do you have thoughts of the idea of God having a plan for our lives?  Don’t hesitate to comment, and of course, thank you for reading! God bless you!

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